Uniweld Ameriflame TI350T Medium/Heavy Duty Portable Welding/ Cutting/Brazing Outfit with Plastic Carrying Stand Plus Oxygen and Acetylene Tanks (Empty)

A medium/heavy duty portable cutting/welding/brazing outfit with carrying stand. For commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing maintenance applications. Unitized packaging includes oxygen and acetylene cylinders (shipped empty).

  • Cut Up To .5" with Supplied Tip, Weld Up To .125" Steel with Supplied Tip
  • 12 Piece Outfit Includes: 1.5" Oxygen Regulator and 1.5" Acetylene Regulator, Rear Valve Torch Handle with Check Valves, Type13 #2 Weld/Braze Tip, CA350 Cutting Attachment, 3-101A #0 Cutting Tip
  • Outfit Also Includes: Safety Goggles, 12.5' Twin Hose Set, "B" Connection, Flint Lighter, R Oxygen Tank and MC Acetylene Tank, Plastic Carrying Stand
  • Use with Oxygen and Acetylene (Empty Cylinders Supplied)

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