Ameiflame Introduces New V-Style and H-Style Hand Cutting Torches

The Ameriflame T100 medium duty portable welding/brazing outfit with plastic carrying stand becomes a #1 best seller with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Ameriflame products are designed and manufactured to offer the end-user an affordable, quality product that is sure to impress. Ameriflame’s T100 outfit is a great example of craftsmanship of the Ameriflame brand. The T100 outfit is currently a number one, best selling item on and has received fantastic reviews from Amazon customers.

T100 Outfit is a lightweight, medium duty, portable welding and brazing outfit with a carrying stand. This outfit is suitable for commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing applications.

Weld up to .125-inch steel and braze copper tubing up to 1-inch with supplied tips with this medium duty outfit. 10 piece outfit includes: oxygen regulator, acetylene regulator, front valve torch handle, Type17-0 and Type17-2 weld/braze tips, safety goggles, 12.5-feet twin hose set, “A” connection, flint lighter, tank key, plastic carrying stand.
Additional information about this product:
Cylinders are not included with this item. Use of 20 cubic feet “R” oxygen cylinder and 10 cubic feet “MC” acetylene cylinder is required.

This outfit is the perfect size for any heat and air repairman. Neat little package, easy to carry around..stores nicely. Gets the job done! ~ Amazon Review by John Benson

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